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PM Modi: 'I have immense energy within me.., people should dedicate the next 25 years to the country'; Prime Minister after Kanyakumari visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stayed in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on a spiritual journey after the political engagements of the Lok Sabha elections 2024. After 45 hours of meditation at the Vivekananda Memorial, the Prime Minister has given a special message mentioning the future development of India and the real strength of the country. PM Modi said, we have to redefine the heritage in a modern way by adopting ancient values in a modern form. He said, we have to refine the outdated thinking and beliefs. Referring to taking the society out of the pressure of professional pessimists, the Prime Minister said that freedom from negativity is the first herb to reach the accomplishment of success. Success grows only in the lap of positivity.

MOU signed between Vivekanand College Delhi and Federation (AOA) of Raj Nagar Extension

On 30th May 2024, the executive members of the Federation of Rajnagar Extension AOA met Dr. Heena Nandrajog, Principal, Vivekananda College, University of Delhi. During this, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the two parties to promote social research and c o m m u n i t y participation. Key points of the MOU: • Under the leadership of Dr. Seema Sharma, Head of the Department of E n v i r o n m e n t , V i v e k a n a n d College, the selected students will meet the residents of R a j n a g a r Extension area and research their living conditions, facilities and problems. • The aim of the research is to promote community participation in higher education as outlined by the National Education Policy 2020. • The research will identify local issues of Rajnagar Extension and provide suggestions for improving projects, better environmental, social and governance outcomes.

Grand Opening Ceremony of Clinic and Nursing Centre at Ajnara Integrity Society - A New Era in Healthcare

Rajnagar Extension Keeping in mind the public interest, the facility of Manipal Hospital is being provided in the club of Ajnara Integrity Society of Raj Nagar Extension, in whichThe facility of first aid and injection by a nursing staff will be available free of cost every day. There will be one day off in the week. 1- Two days a week, General Physician will sit, whose fee will be only Rs 300/=. 2- Specialist doctors will sit two days a week, whose fees will be only Rs 500/=. 3- The fee for seeing the patient through v i d e o confere n c i n g with the d o c t o r will also be the same. 4- Currently, ambulance service will be available on call, after some time ambulance service will be available 24 hours in the society. Therefore, a grand inauguration ceremony of Ajnara Integrity Clinic and Nursing Center has been organized on 26-05-2024 (Sunday) at 9:45 am, in which refreshments have also been arran g e d , along w i t h t h e f o l l o w i n g facilities are being provided by Manipal Hospital, in the morning. From 10.30 am to 2 pm, they are being provided free of cost.

Lord Parshuram's birthday celebration was organized at KDP Community Hall

Rajnagar Extension The Lord Parshuram Janmotsav was organized by Brahmin Samaj, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad at KDP Grand Savana Community Hall in Raj Nagar Extension on Sunday, May 12, in which hundreds of dignitaries from various societies of Raj Nagar Extension were present. Special efforts were made by Sutradhar and P a t r o n Shivendra Gaur, Brahmin Samaj President Sanjay Sharma and Convener Piyush Mishra in organizing the program, while the Lord Parshuram Janmotsav program was presided over by Ashok Sharma and the stage was conducted by Brahmin Samaj President Sanjay Sharma himself. Ashwani Sharma (Akhand Bharat Mission) was the special speaker. Ashwani Sharma said that for the larger purpose, it is absolutely necessary to sacrifice one's personal interests and mutual differences,

IPL 2024 - KKR Defeated Hyderabad by Eight wickets and won the trophy for the third time

The season of IPL 2024 has been incomparable. This year some such records were made which will be very difficult to break in the future. These include many big records like most sixes in a T20 match, highest score, highest chase, most number of times a score of 200 or more.The IPL 2024 season has come to an end and on Sunday Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) faced Sunrisers Hyderabad. In the title match, KKR defeated Hyderabad by eight wickets to win the trophy for the third time. Kolkata last won the title in the 2014 s e a s o n und e r the cap tainc y of Shreyas Iyer and after 10 years, the team finally manage d to end the title d r o u ght. T h i s tim e the awards ceremony was special as the Board of Control for Cricket in I n d i a ( B C C I ) dec ided to g i v e the P i t ch and Ground Award for the first time. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad won this award and received Rs 50 lakh as a prize.Like the last two years, this year too the w i n n i n g team of IPL was given Rs 20 crore.

MCC Signature Heights Society: In order to The building of a magnificent temple, A membership drive was launched at the meeting.

Rajnagar Extension A meeting was held in MCC Signature Heights Society for the construction of a grand temple, in which a membership campaign was started for the construction of the temple. All the social houses participated in the meeting and there were talks of help and contribution for the construction of the temple. Through the membership campaign, inspiration was given for the construction of temple, so that this holy work could be made successful. In this process, the members were informed about all the facilities of the society and the benefits of the temple. Also, the cooperation and expectations for the temple were sought from the older generations. The construction of the temple is important from the social and religious point of view and it will increase unity and harmony in the community.

Poorly maintained service lane road in Raj Nagar Extension: Issues must be resolved

From the service road of the red light of Ajnara Integrity Society to the temple near the Officer City-2 service road, the road is completely porous. Due to which accidents keep happening every day and the nearby societies are facing this problem.A request has been made to the Vice President of GDA regarding the repair/fixing of these service roads, and a memorandum has also been given by the residents and also of Anjara Integrity. During a conversation with Abhinav Tyagi, Secretary, Federation of Raj Nagar Extention AOA, he said that a memorandum was also given to GDA, many times the officials were requested to improve this road but till now no positive response has come and neither has the road been repaired.Society residents say that GDA should form a team to inspect the condition of the road and note down problems like potholes, breakages, waterlogging,

Celebrated Mother's Day at KW Delhi 6 mall: Honoring the Love and Dedication of Mothers Everywhere

Rajnagar Extension Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Here's an overview of Mother's Day:On 12 May 2024 Mother's Day celebrations at KW Delhi 6 Mall at Raj Nagar Extension, typically include a variety of special events, promotions, and activities to honor and entertain moms. Here are some common ways Mother's Day was celebrated in the mall.Live music performances, dance shows or other entertainment were hosted in mall to create a festive atmosphere. Where moms participated. Contests with prizes like “Best Mother’s Day Message” or “Mother-Child Look-Alike” were organized as a fun game to attract visitors. Malls offered gift vouchers or special discounts for purchases made on Mother's Day. The mall was decorated on a Mother's Day theme, including flowers, banners and posters celebrating motherhood.Promotions and events are often advertised through KW Delhi 6 Mall's social media channels,

Classical dance competition held in Ajnara Integrity Society

Rajnagar Extension Under the Taal Dhara, a classical dance competition was organized at Anjara Integrity Society, Raj Nagar Extension. In which some children of Ajnara Integrity Society participated under the leadership of Guru Akanksha Rai, in which Mokshika Mangalani, Aradhya Ahuja got first place, Aradhya Tyagi, Evelyn Kaur, Navika Singh got second place and Shreya Gupta got third place, their performance was highly appreciated.

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