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Trending News Of The April ( April-24)
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The Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2024: Bridging Gaps, Building Futures”

Berojgari Bhatta Scheme 2024: Nowadays youth are paying a lot of attention towards studies. They are also studying diligently to be successful. He is also doing degree courses and diploma courses by going to different institutes. But despite this, there are many youth in India who have completed their studies. But they do not have employment. Youth are wandering from here to there in search of employment. The economic condition of the youth is also not good. Due to which the Unemployment Allowance Scheme has been started in the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under the Prime Minister Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2024, eligible youth will be given financial assistance every month. This financial assistance will be given to the youth until they get a good job. If you also want to take advantage of the Unemployment Allowance Scheme, then you have a good opportunity.

SG Impression PLUS - "Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations: Reverence and Festivity”

RajnagarExtension It is quite auspicious to celebrated the festival of Hanuman Jayanti on 23rd April! Hanuman Jayanti is the day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hanuman ji and on this day devotees worship him.Hanuman Jayanti celebration was organized in SG Impression Plus Society, it sounds very good! Organizing such religious and Sanskrit festivals in the community promotes a sense of unity and unity. The people of the society first worshiped Hanuman ji and Shri Ram and then prasad was distributed. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Hanuman ji and it is a major festival in Hindu religion. On this day, Hanuman devotees worship, worship and recite special rituals in temples. People follow the path of Hanuman Chalisa and offer Prasad. On this day, there is an opportunity to celebrate the glory of Hanuman ji and the memory of his sacrifice.All the society members together celebrated Hanuman Jayanti with great pomp and wished for prosperity in the society

Formation of Executive Committee of Federation of Rajnagar Extension AOA

RajnagarExtension Formation of the Executive Committee of Federation of Rajnagar Extension AOA: On 28 April 2024, in accordance with the previously announced program, the general body meeting of our organization was held in the club hall of Rajnagar Residency, in which many important topics were discussed as per the announced agenda. In the meeting, details of the entire income and expenditure till March 2024 were given and the new executive was elected unanimously without any opposition.

Vande Bharat Metro will be seen running on tracks from July! Will start from these cities

Mumbai: Railway officials say that its testing will start in the next few months. Apart from automatic doors and high comfort, it will have many features which are not available in the currently running metro trains.The wait for Vande Bharat Metro train is going to end soon in the country. Railways is preparing to launch Vande Bharat Metro on track from July this year. Sources in the Railway Ministry say that this train is being considered to run in place of Mumbai local train. This train can have 4, 8, 12 and 16 coaches.

A Good initiative: "Chai Seva” Spreading Warmth and Community Bonding”

RajnagarExtension Every Sunday morning, rain or shine, "Chai Seva" sets up its stall at Raj Nagar Extension Gol Chakkar, offering not just tea but also a variety of snacks like juice, biscuits, samosas, and poha. Additionally, we host special events to celebrate birthdays and commemorate the lives of loved ones.It is very inspiring that you all have taken this tea service initiative forward so successfully

The Gulmohar Garden Society celebrated Ramnavmi with great fervor and a wave of Ram naam.

RajnagarExtension Celebration of Ram Navami was organized in Gulmohar Garden Society, organizing such religious and Sanskrit festivals in the community gives a sense of unity and unity. The temple of the society was decorated. A procession was taken out in the name of Ram in the entire society. Everyone took part in the glorious journey, chanting the name of Ram in the entire society. It's wonderful to hear that Ram Navami was celebrated in Gulmohar Garden society with such enthusiasm and devotion! The chanting of Ram Naam (the name of Lord Rama) creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere, spreading joy and spirituality among everyone. Such celebrations not only strengthen the cultural fabric of the community but also foster a sense of unity and harmony among its members. Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ram and is a major festival in Hindu religion.

Successful organization of AGM in Officer City-2, Discussion on development of society

RajnagarExtension The first Annual General Meeting was organized by the AOA of Officer City-2 Society of Rajnagar Extension Ghaziabad on 28 April 2024 at 5:00 pm.The meeting was jointly conducted by AOA President Gaurav Soni and Secretary Sushil Kumar Tyagi, where the present members were informed about all the work done so far by AOA. In which t h e progress report of t h e societ y was shared with the members mainly on the topics like installation of government meter, starting the construction of club house and park etc. The residents present in the meeting expressed their problems, which have been assured by the AOAexecutive that they will be resolved as soon as possible. In this meeting, AOA President and Secretary along with Vice President Satya Dev Singh,

Archery World Cup: Under the leadership of Jyoti Surekha Vennam, India won four gold in the compound event.

Archery World Cup 2024 Shanghai Earlier in the day, India won gold medals in all three compound team events. Jyothi Surekha Vennam, Aditi Gopichand Swamy and Preneet Kaur won the gold medal with a 236-225 win over Italy after being top seeds. Abhishek Verma, Priyansh and Prathamesh Phuge defeated Netherlands 238-231 to top the men's compound team event. In the mixed team final, Abhishek Verma and Jyoti Surekha Vennam also defeated Estonia 158-157 and won the gold medal. Vennam, Swamy and Kaur were seeded top to face Italy in the women's team final.

Raj Nagar Extension: People participated in voting. "Extension of Voting: Amplifying Democratic Participation"

RajnagarExtension Wastewater reuse, also known as water recycling or water reclamation, is the process of treating wastewater to make it suitable for beneficial purposes such as irrigation, industrial processes, and even potable (drinking) water in some cases.Waste water in Raj Nagar Residency Society is being reclaimed for use in plants. It is a very good thing to do and do this in the society to save water. Speaking to Harsh Choudhary, Maintenance Incharge of the society, we learned that using treated waste water from washrooms (also known as greywater) for irrigation purposes is being practiced in water conservation and sustainable horticulture. Greywater refers to wastewater generated from activities such as bathing, washing clothes and hand washing, which does not contain fecal matter (unlike toilet black water). Dirty water from toilets is being collected through a separate pipeline system. Wastewater is treated to remove contaminants and pathogens. This treatment involves filtration, disinfection and sometimes biological processes to make the water suitable for irrigation. Once treated, the dirty water is distributed through pipes or drip irrigation systems to water plants in gardens. Overall, using treated greywater from washrooms for irrigation is an effective way to conserve water and promote sustainable gardening practices. Waste water from washrooms (greywater) is being treated through Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to reuse the water for irrigation purposes. STPs are used to treat dirty water (sink, bath and washing) through various treatment processes. Designed for the treatment of both black water (from the machine) and black water (from the toilet).

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