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Team India became the winner of T20 World Cup:

India has won the T20 World Cup 2024. It defeated South Africa in the final. This is the second T20 World Cup title for the Indian team. At the same time, this is the fourth World Cup title including both ODI and T20. Earlier, India won the T20 World Cup in 2007. At the same time, it won the ODI World Cup title in 1983 and 2011.India defeated South Africa by seven runs in the final match played in Barbados and won the title of this tournament for the second time. India won the T20 World Cup title after 17 years under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah on Saturday 29 June 2024 praised India's historic title win in the T20 World Cup and said that they have sil enced their critics with their extraord i n a r y perform ance.This is a moment of pride

After completing two terms, Narendra Modi took oath as PM for the third consecutive time. He had directly become CM from being an RSS pracharak.

Narendra Modi joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in 1972. After this, he became a part of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the first time in 1987. After the resignation of Keshubhai Patel, Modi took oath as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time on 7 October 2001. He remained on this post till 2014. Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the first time on 26 May 2014 and for the second time on 30 May 2019. Under the third term, Modi has set the goal of a develope d India by 2047.Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the third consecutive time on Sunday, June 9. Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the first time on 26th June 2014 and for the second time on 30th May 2019. Let us tell you that Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister born after independence. With this, Modi is the only leader to run a nonC o n g r e s s government at the center with a majority for 10 consecutive years. Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the third consecutive time on Sunday, June 9. Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the first time on 26th June 2014 and for the second time on 30th May 2019. Let us tell you that Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister born after independence. With this, Modi is the only leader to run a nonCongress government at the center with a majority for 10 consecutive years.The interesting fact is that for the first time since 1962, a government has come to power for the third time after completing its two terms. With this, Narendra Modi has joined the list of leaders who have taken oath as Prime Minister for the third consecutive time. Before PM Modi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had taken oath as Prime Minister three times in a row in 1952, 1957 and 1962

Huge Event Organized at River Heights Society to Celebrate International Yoga Day:

On 21st June 2024, a grand and huge event was successfully organized in River Heights Society of Rajnagar Extension area to commemorate International Yoga Day. In this two and a half hour event starting from 5:30 am and ending at 8:00 am, about 450 people from the society and the area performed yoga asanas at different times. The main organizer of the event and Secretary of the Society Subodh Tyagi said that Yogacharya Vishal Vashishtha and Nivedita Jain, who came from Patanjali Ashram in Haridwar, explained the importance of yoga in a very simple and systematic way and called for adopting it in their daily routine and Rajya Sabha MPDr. Anil Agarwal was present as the chief guest of the event, who discussed yoga in detail and as associates from the Federation of Rajnagar Extension, President Sachin Tyagi, Vice President Dr. Subodh Gupta and Secretary Abhinav Tyagi etc. were present. Society resident Sanjay Tyagi, who was delighted with the success of the event, said that the program was conducted in a very beautiful manner jointly by Anjali Mehta and Supriya Singh, where at the end the chief guest honored Abhaykant, Shashiprabha and Hemlata etc. and all the senior citizens, mothers, sisters, small children and yoga teachers along with the AOA Federation Raj Nagar Extension President Sachin Tyagi by giving them mementoes. Society management head Prince Tyagi said that the program was very successful due to the colleagues like Parikshit Bahl, Mohit Chauhan, Ritesh Agarwal and Shraddha Nand Tyagi, which concluded with the singing of the national anthem and the proclamation of Jai Hind by the society secretary Subodh Tyagi, thanking all the residents, mothers, elderly, sisters, children, yoga teachers, Honorable MP and Federation President Sachin Tyagi and other officials present

Meadows Vista Society President Mrs. Usha Devi, Joint Secretary Vijay Verma and others attended the All India Mayors and RWA Summit on 7th June 2024.

RajnagarExtension Meadows Vista is a small and good society, yet how do the societies of the district, state and country deal with the problems at the society level, what can be the necessary steps to beautify the society and keep the environment green. For this, the representative of the society participated in the All India Mayor and RWA Summit on 7 June 2024 along with President Mrs. Usha Devi, Joint Secretary Vijay Verma, and others.In which, apart from the Municipal Corporation Mayors of Ladakh, Jammu, Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh, Prayagraj, Agra, Ghaziabad District Magistrates, Councilors, Voluntary Organizations, representatives of different RWAs were also present. The participation of Medows Vista Society is also increasing at the state and countrywide level.Water conservation, waste disposal, environmental protection, rain water harvesting were the main topics of discussion.This is the best platform to understand the Society Act 1860 of India and the amendments made from time to time.The responsibilities of the government i.e. M u n i c i p a l Corporation and the society were also discussed in detail. When both w o r k together, the s o c i e t y develops and t h e environment is protected.

Nirjala Ekadashi Bhandara at VVIPAddresses

Nirjala Ekadashi, a significant Hindu fasting day, is celebrated with fervor and devotion. It is observed on the 11th lunar day (Ekadashi) of the waxing fortnight of the Hindu month of Jyeshtha, typically falling in May or June. The day is marked by strict fasting without food and water, which is why it is called "Nirjala" (without water). It is believed that observing this fast provides the benefits of all 24 Ekadashis of the year. Nirjala Ekadashi Bhandara at VVIP Addresses Bhandara refers to a community feast or charity food distribution, often held on auspicious occasions. Bhandaara was held at VVIP Addresses on June 18. Bhandaara has special significance on this day. Society residents as well as others took the Prasad. It reflects the commitment of these influential individuals to uphold and celebrate cultural and religious traditions. It also serves as an example of philanthropy and community service. Nirjala Ekadashi Bhandara at VVIP Addresses exemplifies the intersection of cultural tradition, social responsibility, and community engagement. These events not only honor the religious significance of the day but also reinforce the values of unity, charity, and cultural preservation. Through the active participation of dignitaries and the broader community, such Bhandaras play a vital role in promoting social harmony and cultural continuity

First meeting of the women's wing of the Federation Raj Nagar Extenstion “Matri Shakti”

On 2nd June 2024, the first meeting of the newly formed women's cell, "Matrishakti" of the Federation of Rajnagar Extension AOAwas organized at White Heart Pizza Restaurant, Aura Plaza, Rajnagar Extension.In this meeting conducted by Federatio n General Secretary Dr. Seema Sh a rma , “ M a t r i S h a k t i ” Cell Chief S h i p r a T y a g i welcome d the Federatio n General Secretary and first introduced her to all the members present, after which Dr. Seema Sharma told all the women cell members present about their responsibility towards the organization as a Federation member, stressed on women being aware and increasing women's participation in social work in Rajnagar Extension area and shared the proposed programs of the Federation with everyone and told the cell members that all women have received special respect from the Federation members

Formation of new AOA board in Gaur Casecades Society

The formation of a new board in the society has been successfully completed, which is an important and positive step. The main objective of this new board is to work for the smooth functioning and development of the society. With the formation of the new board, this is a great opportunity for the smooth functioning and development of the society. With dedication, transparency, and active participation, you can make the society a better and safer place. With the participation and cooperation of all the members, the society will successfully achieve all its goals. Keepi ng all t h e wor k s in mind, the selected members have been awarded their posts, on which they will work in the interest of the society. The new board comprises the following members:President Mr. Akhil Agarwal, Vice President Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Secretary Mr. Punit Goyal, Treasurer Mrs. Manjusha Goyal, Joint Treasurer Mr. Avtar Krishna Chawla, Joint Secretary Mr. Sandeep Parashar, Members: Mr. Shiv Kumar Goyal, Mr. Sumit Jain, Mr. Awadhesh Kumar have all been appointed as members of the constituted executive board: Äç~êÇWåÉï=íÜçÑsáëçå=j~á 1. Making the maintenance system more accountable and automated. 2. Making the cleaning system

Executive body of MCC Signature Heights Society formed unopposed.

RajnagarExtension On 20 June 2024, the new executive of MCC Signature Heights Society of Rajnagar Extension area has been constituted unopposed. In this executive committee consisting of a total of 9 members, Vipin Kumar has been appointed as President, Subhash Kumar as Vice President, Monu Kumar as Secretary, Dr. Anil Kumar Agarwal as JointSecretary, Nitin Kumar Tyagi as Treasurer, Amit Gupta as CoTreasurer, Satyanshu Srivastava as Media Spokesperson, Dr. Pramod Hathwal has been given the responsibility of health, cleanliness and cultural programs and Chanchal Gupta has been given the responsibility of cocharge of cultural programs.Federation of Rajnagar Extension AOA President Sachin Tyagi has congratulated everyone on behalf of the entire executive of the Federation and sent best wishes for the upcoming tenure and advised to follow joint decisions for the upliftment of the society.

Arc Angels Society, organised summer camp for children and residents in the society premises

RajnagarExtension Summer camps are not just for children; adults can also join the camp and learn a lot. This happened in Arc Angels Society of Raj Nagar Extension. Here in the summer camp, special programs and activities were organized for the residents as well, the society residents got a chance to relax and refresh themselves through the camp, as it is also a good way to meet new people, learn new skills and master the things you like. The children of Ark Angels Society enjoyed an evening full of fun and excitement at the Summer Camp organized at the Society premises on June 22, 2024. The event was enthusiastically attended by the children and Society residents. Several recreational activities and

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